Spring Cyber Challenge Rules

The eligibility rules below must be accepted in order for you to register for, and participate in, the NCA Easter Cyber challenge:


You must be under 18 and resident in the UK to participate. Prizes will only be delivered to UK addresses.  Proof of age will be required for prize winners

Prize awards

How will prizes be drawn?  When will each competition week end?

The Cyber Security Challenge UK and the NCA reserve the right to award prizes to winners they select, and the entrance into the competition and the submission of a right answer does not impose any obligation on the competition sponsors to award prize to any competitor.  The sponsors reserve the right to change advertised prizes to ones of equivalent value. No cash alternatives will be provided.

Week 1 Commence 1200 GMT 29 March Close 2359 GMT 4 April

Week 2 Commence 1200 GMT 5 April Close 2359 GMT 11 April

Week 3 Commence 1200 GMT 12 April Close 2359 GMT 18 April

Week 4 Commence 1200 GMT 16 April Close 2359 GMT 25 April

Week 5 Commence 1200 GMT 26 April Close 2359 GMT  2 May

Notification to winners

Prize winners will be notified via the email address supplied with the competition entry.  Winners must respond within 72 hours of the time the email is sent with the required details.  Failure to respond within the timeline will cause the prize award to be withdrawn, returned to the prize pool and redrawn.


Data gathered for the purposes of participating in this competition fall under GDPR regulations.  The Cyber Security Challenge UK is the data owner and processor for all personal data provided by participants.  Please refer to our general privacy and data policies for more information.

Media & publicity

Participants will be asked to agree for their name to be used in publicity by the Challenge and NCA if they become a winner.  This publicity will only refer to the current competition and will not be used in any other publicity without your prior written agreement.  


When playing our competitions you must not do anything to contravene any UK Law or do anything to bring Cyber Security Challenge UK or the NCA into ill repute.