Code Crackers - Ciphers Game

--- Welcome to Code Crackers ---

A company has been infected by ransomware,
and they need your help to try to unlock their computers.
The hackers have left behind a series of puzzles
that may help us find the password, but we
need your help to solve them.

Puzzle #01

Decode the following message:
After having been ROTated 17 times...


Puzzle #02

Decode the following message:
You might have to call inspector MORSE on this one...

Puzzle #03

What are these 3 numbers in Decimal Value?
What RGB colour do these 3 numbers make?

#FF 00 FF

Puzzle #04

What do all these symbols mean?
Maybe a PIG wrote this down with a PEN.
TIP: You may need one of these

Puzzle #05

Decode this message:
TIP: You may need one of these
The Key is the answer you entered in the first question.


Puzzle #06

Decode this message:

What could these 1's and 0's mean? Numbers? Shouldn't these be letters?

Good Job On Solving Those Puzzles!

So, what word have we finally arrived at?

--- Congratulations ---

Congratulations! You managed to solve
all the puzzles! Which means you saved
the company from having to pay ransom!

Great job! Maybe there is a career for you in Cyber?